Milk Jug Holder

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The Milk Jug Crayon/Marker Holder is a clever way to modify writing utensils for individuals who have fine motor difficulties.  They can also be used to hold drum sticks, scarves or ribbons (for play during music class), glue sticks, or paint brushes.

Materials needed: 

  • Plastic milk jug (1/2 gallon for crayons, 1 gallon for markers)
  • 1” piece Hook (hard) sticky back Velcro
  • 1” piece Loop (soft) sticky back Velcro
  • Scissors
  • Marker or crayon



1. Using scissors cut off the handle of the plastic milk jug.  Use your scissors to trim off any sharp edges.


2. Place the 1” piece of loop (soft) Velcro inside the bottom opening of the handle.   


3. Put your marker (or crayon) as far inside the handle as is practical.  Notice where you will need to place the hook (hard) Velcro on the marker to match up with the loop (soft) Velcro inside the handle. 


4. Take the marker out of the handle and put the 1” hook Velcro on the correct place on the marker.


5. Put the marker back into the milk jug handle.  The Velcro should keep the marker in place.  You now have a ‘Milk Jug Crayon/Marker Holder’.


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